Im not just talking about pets also the animals that are wild people are leaving trash around that can kill the wild animals and pouluting the water that can kill all animals stop polution in the wild and in the water. Please and thank you.
 Hi my website isn't the best but at least im trying to take a stand to animal abuse. they dont deserve it. So why do people do it. People shoulden't bedoing it'zz mean  it'zz crual and not all animals survive the abuse. TAKE A STAND. STOP ALL ANIMAL ABUSE

Hello My  Name is Jennifer. I Really Care about animals so should you. Animals have feelings just like us. in the whole world over 100 animals get abused every hour. Help out at a local human socity and save animals. 

 Animals should be able to stay in one home for there whole life and not be thrown on the streets. Animal need love give it to them by helping at a local human socity.

If  you no some one who is abusing a animal please right away call your local human socity so that the animal will be harmed no more.


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